A Taste of Therapy

3 Feb

One of the most unique businesses I’ve come across during my time with New Visions, New Ventures has to be Allison Carver’s A Taste of Therapy. Carver, a Licensed Professional Counselor/National Certified Counselor, provides cooking classes that are intended to be fun, creative, and most importantly therapeutic!

There is truly nothing like A Taste of Therapy anywhere I’ve seen. The classes are fun and approachable; they’re a great way to make therapy accessible for people who may be hesitant to explore professional counseling. And A Taste of Therapy can actually go to the client’s home kitchen, making it extremely convenient. Carver also has a commercial kitchen located in the Northside of Richmond, VA where she can hold sessions if a home kitchen is not an option!

Carver very cleverly identified that cooking is an excellent platform from which to address issues like stress management, planning, and communication. Classes include “Chop and Chat” – a cooking class on communication; “Knead to Talk?” – an anger management baking class; and “Table for Two” – a couple’s cooking class.

These classes are more than just therapy – Carver is a graduate of the University of Richmond Culinary Arts Certificate Program and a Breadwinners participant. She has personally designed fun and tasty menus that clients can use again and again!

Visit the website to schedule a class today! Or contact Allison at info@tasteoftherapy.com for more info!


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